How To Use A Handheld Milk Frother?

Many coffee lovers like to go to a cafeteria or restaurant to have a perfect cup of coffee. They prefer to go to restaurants or coffee shops to have a perfect coffee with the right texture and flavor.

coffee foam

However, it is also possible for you to make delicious coffee at home if you use some particular tools, and a milk frother is one such appliance that helps you prepare a perfect coffee or latte. A milk frother is a blessing for those who love coffee, latte, or chocolate drinks. So, you can make your own cup of coffee perfectly like the restaurant using a handheld milk frother. Let’s know how to use it properly to get the highest output every time.

What is a milk frother?

A milk frother is an essential utensil. It is a device that is used to aerate milk to improve the texture or flavor of coffee drinks by creating thick and dense foam. These devices are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. These appliances can be either manual or electric/battery operated.

Why should you Froth Milk?

The purpose of frothing milk is to add a layer to any beverage, especially coffee type drinks. By frothing, you can increase the creaminess, richness, and texture of the coffee and similar beverages.

Types of Milk Frothers

There are various types of milk frothers, including automatic and manual.

Manual:  Manual frothers comprise a frothing pitcher, a sealed lid, and a plunger. This one has to be operated by hand. You need to apply consistent effort to create foam as it does not run on electric power, and it has no advanced features. However, manual frothers are cheaper than other options.

Handheld: Handheld frothers make use of small electric whisks for frothing.

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Auto frother: The auto frother reduces your effort to froth milk as it does the whole job by itself. It is the easiest frother to use. All you need to do is opening the top of the frother, pouring on the milk, closing the lid, and finally hitting the power.

How to Use a Handheld Milk Frother?

Using a handheld frother will be ideal if you don’t have much space in your kitchen. This frother is battery operated, and hence it is very portable.

You should follow a few simple steps to make coffee with it.

how to use a handheld milk frother

Step 1: Warm Milk

The first and foremost thing for a smooth, frothy topping for your coffee or latte is whole milk. Though it takes more time to produce froth in whole milk than skimmed milk, the froth will last longer in whole milk. Plus, the froth in whole milk is thicker, heavier, and creamier.

You have to warm the milk, but the milk should not be heated to its boiling point lest the texture might be ruined, and you might not get a smooth, frothy foam out of it.

Step 2: Take the Correct Amount of Milk to the Pot

When you pour the milk into the pot where you will froth the milk, take half a cup or quarter a cup. Avoid filling the cup because the milk may rise to the edge and overflow during the foaming process.

Step 3: Insert Your Frother

coffee foam

At the time of inserting the wand into the milk, go slowly and turn it on when you insert its interior end into the milk. Do not forget to turn it on once you have inserted it into the mild to avoid the splashing of milk.

You should ensure stirring the frothing wand slowly and waggling it up and down gently. The fast movement of the rod should be avoided.

Plus, you should take the wand to the top to absorb some air from the surroundings, and thus, you will get the ideal foam layer.

Lastly, you should make sure that the fourth layer isn’t ruined.

To Wrap up

Hopefully, you have got a clear concept about using a handheld milk frother after reading this article. Therefore, you can make your favorite delicious coffee at home and save a lot of money you would have spent in the restaurant or coffee shops for a perfect cup of coffee.

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