What is the Purpose of a Bread Box?

Though the term “bread box” may sound a bit old-fashioned in modern days when plastic bags or refrigerators are used to keep bread fresh, there are still some purposes and benefits of using it to retain the taste or flavor of your bread.

A bread box is a container where bread and other baked goods are stored. These tightly sealed boxes are designed to keep bread fresh for a longer time while maintaining the characteristics. These boxes trap moisture to prevent the bread from becoming stale too quickly. These special boxes also keep bread away from pests, mice, etc. In this article, we will focus on what the purposes of a bread box are.

Bread Box Purpose – You Should Know

How Do Bread Boxes Keep Breads Fresh?

Bread Box Purpose

A bread box allows the bread to retain the characteristics in many ways. For example, firstly, this magical device keeps bread at room temperature whereas a cooler enjoinment such as refrigerator quickens the bread’s drying out process. When the bread gets dry, they don’t taste good at all.

Secondly, a breadbox has a unique construction that includes tiny holes, breathable slats, etc. Such a formation discourages condensation and, in turn, mold growth. Homemade bread is likely to be moldy when there is a lack of ventilation.

Moreover, when you preserve the bread in bread boxes, the bread is less likely to be exposed to elements that cause the bread to be stale or rotten.

Bread Box Vs. Refrigerator -What is better to Preserve Bread?

Although it seems that preserving the bread in the refrigerator can protect them from being stale by keeping them cold, it is not valid in reality. The reason is lack of moisture doesn’t cause bread to be stale. Instead, there is a process called retrogradation, which is liable for the staleness of bread. This process causes starch molecules to crystalize.

This process takes place more rapidly in a cooler environment like a refrigerator. So, preserving the bread in the refrigerator would not be a perfect choice to keep the bread free from staleness. Moreover, when you preserve the bread in the fridge for a long time, it will dry and lose the taste.

Bread Box Vs. Paper or Plastic Bag to Preserve Bread

bread boxes purposes

A paper bag is the worst choice for preserving bread as it makes bread hard as a rock after 3/4 days making them less edible.

When you keep the bread in a plastic bag or plastic wrapper for 3/4 days, it suffocates the crust and makes the bread lose the crispy exterior. However, the bread doesn’t become completely dry or stale though it may become completely soft.

Compared to paper or a plastic bag, a bread box maintains the original characteristics of bread, such as a crispy exterior, a moist crumb, and a delectable chew, etc. better. Though the bread box entraps moisture from the bread inside the container, it also allows some moisture to release instead of softening the bread’s exterior.

Therefore a bread box makes an ideal moist environment to preserve the bread for 3/4 days.

Other Advantages

We are all aware of the adverse effects of excessive use of plastic. A bread box reduces the use of plastic bags to preserve the bread and, therefore, is more environmentally friendly.

So the bread box purpose in one word – you can prevent your bread from going stale, keep the taste and flavor of your bread intact and go plastic-free by using a bread box.

The bread boxes are available in many designs, sizes, and models, and made of wood, acrylic, ceramic, enamel, stoneware and stainless steel, etc. You can consider the materials according to your kitchen decor so it can fit the other appliances perfectly. A beautiful piece of bread box can add some luxury touch to your kitchen!

The price of bread boxes ranges from $20 to $70. Therefore, you can choose the best model that suits your budget, requirements, etc. to preserve your bread.

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