Best Hole Saw Kits for Metal & Wood- (Top 8 Reviewed)

Hole saw kits are a must-have tool for electricians, construction workers, carpenters, and DIYers. It is used to dig holes in metal, wood, or concrete. Without a great quality saw kit, you may have to face the following situation:

Best Hole Saw Kits Reviews

Dad-Dig a hole quickly in the ceiling! I need to adjust the light! Son-Sorry, Dad, it is tough! I can’t! Well, time to get over this kind of excuse because today I am here with the best hole saw reviews of 2021.

No matter how hard the application is, you can create the hole without much effort if you have a Hole Saw Kit in your hand.

The saw kit is also familiar with the name Hole Cutter! It is a kind of saw blade that comes in ring shape for creating accurate holes in lots of applications. It connects to a drill that works with drill bits. However, at present, it is one of the essential tools for home and industrial uses.

That’s why we choose to review the top products. Later on, we also discuss some useful buying tips. Lets the journey begin!

The 8 Best Hole Saw for Metal and Wood: 2021 Reviews

After weeks of research testing and analysis, our team enlisted these 8 Hole Saws of the present time. Those are powerful and create a hole like a dream.

The construction of these products is amazing, and those are fine for the price as well. Let’s have a look at the top Hole Saw Kit reviews quickly.

1. DEWALT D180002 Standard Electricians Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

DEWALT D180002 Standard Electricians Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit-min

The article is about power tools, so, you will meet with DEWALT! Well, in the power tool industry DEWALT is one of the most well-recognized brands that create outstanding products at a reasonable price range. Their major priority lays in the satisfaction of their users.

This DEWALT D180002 Standard Electricians Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit is considered as one of the best holes saw kit for wood and metal. It has a deep cut design that increases functionality.

On the contrary, it features an enlarged bi-metal section that adds to endurance. It is constructed to do home and commercial use. Therefore, the price of this product is beyond the reach level of everyone. Pick and give it a Try.


  • 9-Piece bi-metal hole saw kit
  • Mainly made to cut wood and metal
  • Thick and hardened backing plates
  • Comes with advanced deep-cut style
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with exclusive tooth and set guide

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2. Greenlee 660 Kwik Change Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit

Greenlee 660 Kwik Change Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit-min

Are you looking for the best hole saw for metal? I suggest you have a look, at this Greenlee 660 Kwik Change Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit that cuts metal efficiently. It is one of the finest additions in our list that comes with a quick-change auger, hex key, and different sizes of cutter heads.

It also features precision carbide teeth that offer fantastic performance and long-lasting durability. Therefore, it also has an ejector spring in all sizes above3/4 inches. You can remove slugs with it quickly. This is easy to use and stop with a simple push-button.

Moreover, it comes in a reasonable price range. Pick and make an accurate hole according to your need.


  • Push Button Design
  • Quick change auger included
  • Comes with the hex key
  • Has precision carbide teeth
  • Also offers optimum performance and durability
  • Features flange stop
  • Has Replaceable, cobalt-steel pilot drill
  • Features spilled-point tip

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3. Milwaukee 49-22-4185 28-Piece All Purpose Professional Hole Saw Kit

Milwaukee 49-22-4185 28-Piece All Purpose Professional Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit

The Milwaukee professional hole saw kit is perfect for all-purpose cutting and comes with superb durability than any other saw kit set. It is the perfect tool for both metal and wood cutting purposes.

Also comes with multiple sizes for a different cutting job. Ice hardened technology makes it the hardest metal that ensures the longevity of up to 50% longer.

The saw kit also equipped with precision-ground Bi-Metal tooth for faster digging holes. A radiused tooth back is there to decrease the stress on teeth while cutting stainless steel. We highly recommend this US manufactured product for plumbers, carpenters, or electricians.


  • Easy to operate
  • Matrix II Bi-Metal teeth construction
  • Highest durability
  • Faster hole cut
  • Perfect for wood and metal cutting
  • Not for concrete
  • 28 available sizes

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4. Bosch HB25M 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set

Bosch HB25M 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set-min

Bosch is the Boss in the power tool industry! They are making high-quality tools over the years. This Bosch HB25M 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set is one of the finest inventions of this company. It creates a hole as you are expecting. It also comes with the pilot bit that easily snaps into the mandrel.

The design of it is thread-less which prevents the seizing up in the mandrel as well. Even it lessen wobble with a positive lock system.

The tooth design is a progressor that ensures the performance of this saw. It cuts faster than any other existing models and lasts longer as well. Besides, it offers accurate and clean cutting performance.


  • Progress teeth design
  • Has reinforced shoulder
  • Comes with 8% cobalt alloy
  • Features universal hole saw system
  • Changing arbor is easy and quick
  • Features 4 small adapters
  • Comes with 11 hole saws of different sizes

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5. Hole Pro X-305 Pro Twin Blade Hole Saw Kit

Hole Pro X-305 Pro Twin Blade Hole Saw Kit-min

The Hole Pro X-305 Pro Twin Blade Hole Saw Kit is the amalgamation of perfection and performance. It is perfect for creating different sizes hole in a faster, safer, and easiest way.

It is a complete kit that cuts wood, plastics, acoustic tile, tongue, groove, laminates, tungsten, rubber, drywall, clipboard, plywood, and so many other things.

But it is considered the best hole saw for fiberglass. However, it has twin blades that offer an accurate and smoother cutting experience. Overall, it is a decent product to purchase that comes at an acceptable price range. Pick before the stock turns out.


  • Twin blades included
  • Has Tungsten Carbide Blades included that offers 1-1/8 inch cutting depth
  • Perfect for cutting plywood, sheetrock, veneer, cement board, slate, ceiling tile, fiberglass, and so on
  • High-Speed Steel blades included
  • Can cut holes in plywood up to 9-inch diameter with an 18-volt cordless drill

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6. GORCHEN521 Titanium Hole Saw Cutter Tool Kit

GORCHEN521 Titanium Hole Saw Cutter Tool Kit-min

The GORCHEN521 Titanium Hole Saw Cutter Tool Kit Set for Wood-Plastic Soft Metal Steel is another cost-effective option in our catalog. The construction of this one is heavy duty with hardened high-speed steel and titanium coat. It is the longer-lasting product you can consider.

Besides, it is effortless to use and maintain. You can use this hole saw in the wood board, plywood, laminate, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, plastic board, PVC water pipe, and so on. It is even considered as one of the best holes saw for aluminum. Moreover, the price of this product is very inexpensive.


  • Comes with two backup center bits
  • Perfect for soft metal, wood, and plastic applications
  • Made of hardened high-speed steel and titanium coated
  • Keep sharp after usage
  • Offers Easy dissemble dull system
  • Comes with five-hole saws, 5 Allen wrenches, two backup center bits, one user manual, one plastic case
  • Heavy-duty construction

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7. Baileigh TN-210H Manual Hole Saw Notcher

Baileigh TN 210H Manual Hole Saw Notcher-min

When it comes to the Best Hole Saw Kit Reviews, I had to keep the Baileigh TN-210H Manual Hole Saw at the summit of my list. It is a perfect tube notching machine that is specially designed for the garage fabricator.

The Baileigh TN-210H is perfect for assembling works and weld tubing activities like mud racers, rock crawlers, midget cars, go-karts and so many. It can be used in either horizontal way or vertical ways.

However, it is constructed of ½ inch thick plate steel with commercial grade needle bearings. The spindle provides longevity and less vibration while working. It can notch at angles over 50 degrees within a concise time. It is one of the best options for metal.

But the price is very high in comparison with other products. If you are looking for a hole saw for tube notching, look no further than this one!


  • It is a manually operated machine
  • Made for heavy-duty projects
  • Offers longevity and less vibration with 1-inch ground spindle and polished shaft
  • Notching capacity of about 2 inches
  • Comes with 0-50 degree angle adjustment
  • Has 1-inch axle included

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8. Freud DHS6000 Diablo High-Performance Hole Saw

Freud DHS6000 Diablo High-Performance Hole Saw-min

The Freud DHS6000 Diablo is Ideal for drilling wood, plastic, aluminum, and metal and stainless steel applications. But it is considered the best hole saw for steel materials. It comes with a 2-3/8 inch cutting depth that creates deeper holes.

Therefore, it features a Snap-lock mandrel system. That’s why it offers a quick and easy changing system. Most importantly it is a one size fits all hole saw that is cost-efficient and perfect for home and commercial use.


  • Has 6-inch sanding disc
  • High performance
  • 60-millimeter cutting depth
  • Accurate and faster performance
  • Snap-lock mandrel system included
  • One size fits all

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See; indeed these are the best hole saw kit of the present time with such tremendous quality. You can now pick one without any hesitation.

But as you are not going to purchase one frequently, so, it is good to dig up a bit more. We are going to add a buying guide below. Don’t forget to read it.

Consider Before Buying the Best Hole Saw Kit

There is no objection to the usefulness of a hole saw. It is very useful for home use as well as for industrial use. But to get the utmost benefits, you have to pick the right kit for the money.

As the popularity of hole saw is getting higher day by day, so lots of reputed companies are making sole saws at present. Among those humongous options, it is quite harsh to pick the best hole saw.

Therefore, money is another most important thing to concern about. As you are not going to purchase a hole saw kit on a regular basis. That’s why you think before you buy it. To help you out, in this case, we are going to discuss some buying tips. Let’s see:


Usually, metal mole saw made of diamond-tipped or carbide blades as those need to drill through metal. On the contrary, wood hole cutters are constructed of softer metal and titanium materials.

However, if you look for any good hole saw for plastic, you won’t find anything as wood saws usually use in the plastic cutting activity.

Well, tungsten and carbide are the most popular among all the materials. Those cuts efficient costs less and last longer. Consider, which type of application you will cut with your hole saw and then purchase according to your need.

Think about Types

While going to purchase the Best Hole Saw, you will see lots of types are available. However, at present people usually like to pick an electric drill. Those are more efficient and accurate. There are also adjustable Hole Saws and Circle Saws available in the market that is effective for various size cutting.

Drill Bits

Drill bits also come in different sizes. The longest the bit is the safer it is to use. On the other hand, short bits offer the most stability while working. You can pick different sizes a bit for different purposes.

Consider the Size

It is important to consider the size of the Hole Saw especially if you need one for a particular project. If you want it for a specific project, you have to pick the accurate size according to your project.

However, you can also pick a Hole Saw set with different sizes and types in a Kit. Those will allow you to do different types of tasks at a time.


Well, when it comes to cost, you will get what you pay for. Obviously, for better quality, you have to spend some more. The good news is that the price of those Hole Saws in our list is not pretty higher. Therefore, if you need a heavy-duty industrial use Hole Saw, you have to invest more money.

It is always better to purchase something from a reputed brand even if you need to spend some more. Cause those products are trusted able and last several years easily.

FAQs About Hole Saw

What is a Hole Saw?

These are a kind of tool that can create different size holes in any workpiece. It is also familiar with the name hole cutter. If you create a ditch by using a hole cutter, it will not cut up the core material of the workpiece.

There is a huge variety of hole cutter available in the market at different prices. You can choose one according to your work type.

What is the price of the top-rated kits?

The price of the hole saw varies from brand to brand. There is a variety of different types of hole saw kits available in the market to choose from. The price isn’t that much. However, there are some craps available in the market that are so cheap. Don’t fall for the low price. See for the quality.

Which is the best brand?

There are lots of fishes out there to choose from. However, according to professionals DEWALT, Baileigh, Greenlee, Bosch, etc. are leading the market today. Their hole saws are amazing in every aspect. If you have enough budget, you would strongly suggest you pick from any of those.

What are the Uses of Hole Saw Kits?

Well, it is one of the most effective tools in our day to day life. Those create perfectly round holes in different types of objects.

However, those are made to connect with a power drill to create a powerful hit for digging up holes. There is lots of use of a hole cutter. Let’s see what those are:

  • Those are frequently used indoor installing activities
  • Making holes in the ceiling for mounting lights and fans
  • For installing drainage pipes
  • For making the connection on pipes
  • Cut through masonry
  • Creating holes for plumbing
  • Cutting holes for creating the pathway for electric cables and wares
  • For making a birdhouse


We already provided you the Best Hole Saw kits of 2021. We also discussed some essential buying tips. Purchase wisely and stay safe while using those kinds of power tools. Grab the best one that suits your needs.

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