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Are you stuck? Are you planning to sharpen your color pencils like SPONGEBOB? Don’t worry go through this article to find the best electric pencil sharpeners and live a hassle-free life.

School days! Aha, those golden days! Can you feel it? I can! Even I want to go back there every single day. Life was beautiful without any complication! Forget it!

Let’s get back to the point! During that time we often struggled with our pencils. We had to use sharpeners frequently.

That time we used handheld manual sharpeners. That was quite irritating. However, today’s kids are lucky. Modern science made life with lots of technologies. One of them is the electric pencil sharpeners. It can sharpen a pencil effortlessly with the use of a motor.

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners Reviews 2019

That’s why today we are here with the topic best electric pencil sharpeners of 2021. Here we discussed 10 of the kick-ass electric sharpeners of the present time. You will definitely like those options.

However, because of the vast popularity of electric sharpeners, lots of companies are making this product. You will see lots of options out there. Among those options, it is quite a hassle to pick the right one.

Besides, everyone is busy with their work. Nobody has the time to analyze the market. We did the analysis part for you. Let’s see what the result of our analysis is.

Our Top 3 Picks:

Images Name/Review Product Link
X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener-min X-ACTO SchoolPro for Smart Sharpening   Price
 OfficePro for Easy to Operate    Price
Artist Choice Pencil Sharpener-min  Artist Choice For Steel Helical Blade    Price

10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpener Reviews of 2021

1. X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener-min

The X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener is an example of pure class. It is specially constructed to use in a classroom. It features smart sharpening technology with rugged construction. So, the performance of this product is dependable.

The blade is made of helical steel. So, it is efficient in sharpening job. Therefore, it runs with a powerful electric motor that offers amazing power. Therefore, it also has an auto-reset feature that prevents overheating.

Not only for school use but also you can imply it at the home, office, and many other places where pencil use is a must. It is adjustable for six pencil sizes. For overall quality, the price is quite acceptable.

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2. TripWorthy Battery Operated Electric Pencil Sharpener

TripWorthy Battery Operated Electric Pencil Sharpener 

Some people prefer portability. Even I like to work outside of my workstation. For those folks, TripWorthy Electric Pencil Sharpener is a sound choice. It is battery operated. No hassle of connecting with electricity. So, you can carry it wherever you want to.

This TripWorthy Pencil Sharpener is also considered one of the best electric sharpeners for colored pencils. Not only students but also artists and professionals can use this sharpener.

It is well known for its perfection. This sharpener can sharpen a pencil to the right point. The build quality of this sharpener is premium. It lasts longer. Also, the price is not prohibitive. According to Best Seekers, this sharpener is great for their versatility and user-friendliness.

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3. X-ACTO XLR Electric Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO XLR Electric Pencil Sharpener-min

The X-Acto XLR Electric Pencil Sharpener is vastly popular for its cool appearance and tremendous performance. It is a decent option for both home and office use. The construction of this sharpener is classy. This product made in the long run.

However, it features a heavy-duty electric motor that offers kick-ass sharpening power. Also, it is crafted with a helical cutter that sharpens the pencil with precision.

Furthermore, it has PencilSaver Technology included that prevents the pencil from over-sharpening. It also features auto-reset and safe start technology for helping users. This sharpener was also selected as one of the best electric pencil sharpeners by Sharper the Point and  Ezvid.

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4. Bostitch QuietSharp Executive Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch QuietSharp Executive Electric Pencil Sharpener-min

QuietSharp Motor is the feature that makes the Bostitch Electric Pencil Sharpener unique from other electric sharpeners. It will sharpen the pencil 65 percent faster, but yet it will provide silent operation. Besides, it is a heavy-duty pencil sharper with a 6x longer cutter life.

The sharpener is efficiently sized, and the design is sleek as well. It is perfect for both home and office use. It also has an easy-clean shaving bin included which is translucent. You will know when the bin is full.

Therefore, there is a safety mechanism included which will stop operation while the bin is removed. Also, it has thermal overload protection included which will increase motor life.

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5. OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener

OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener

The OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener is a battery-operated premium compact pencil sharpener. You can keep it with you and use it anywhere you wish to.

It features a premium quality steel helical blade that is razor-sharp. The blade is also durable just like the sharpener. Besides, it is a true example of precision sharpening.

It is easy to grip. Also, the reservoir is convenient. You can comfortably grip and sharpen a pencil. On the other hand, you can empty the dump easily. It also has an auto-stop feature included. When the pencil is sharpened, it will stop immediately.

Therefore, this one is considered the best battery operated pencil sharpener. Even the softest colored pencils can be sharpened with it!

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6. LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener with Automatic Smart Sensor

LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener with Automatic Smart Sensor

Looking for a heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener? My recommendation is to grasp this LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener. It is a beast. It is a sound option for use in classroom, office, or any high volume use.

The LINKYO Sharpener features an automatic smart sensor which makes it entirely different from other sharpeners listed in this review. The blade will stop shortly after the sharpening job is done.

Therefore the blade of this sharpener is made of helical steel materials. So, it cuts like a dream without any jam. The reservoir is large enough to keep 100 savings without any hassle.

I am sure nobody is going to give you such quality at this price range. The Smartest Buyer loved this machine for its smooth operation and reliability.

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7. Artist Choice Pencil Sharpener

Artist Choice Pencil Sharpener

For a smooth, uniform, sharp sharpening performance every time, pick the Artist Choice Pencil Sharpener right now. It is one of the best battery powered pencil sharpener for you. No matter whether you are an artist, engineer, or student this sharpener will provide you the performance you desire of.

It is constructed with premium quality materials. The blade is also constructed of helix stainless steel which is incredible as well. So, no need to worry about sustainability.

Therefore, it is completely childproof. Your child can use it without any risk of harm. The sharpener is small and compact. You can carry it anywhere you wanted as it is battery powered. The reservoir is also convenient.  You can empty the dump easily.

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8. Artify Electric Pencil Sharpener

Artify Electric Pencil Sharpener

Are you a Student? Teacher? Designer? Artist? The Artify Electric Pencil Sharpener is the right solution for everyone. It is one of the smartest electric pencil sharpeners for artists.

It features an LED light indicator with an auto-stop feature. You will know when the sharpener is being used. Also, the machine will stop automatically as soon as the pencil is sharpened. No more broken or over-sharpened again.

This sharpener is perfect for both colored and standard pencils of any shape and size. A helical steel blade craft with it. That offers accurate cutting every single time. Therefore, the reservoir is easy to clean up.

The sharpener is safe for children. No risk of accidental harm. You can use it both ways. I mean it is a hybrid electric pencil sharpener that can be used by battery or electricity.

It has a power adaptor included. According to my opinion, it should be the right choice because of its hybrid features. The price is also acceptable for such quality.

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9. Urben Electric Pencil Sharpener

Urben Electric Pencil Sharpener

The UrBen Electric Pencil Sharpener comes with two holes for different sizes of pencils. It can sharpen 6 to 12 mm diameter effectively. Besides, it is one of the best electric pencil sharpeners for colored pencils as well as regular ones.

The long-run with premium quality materials constructs this sharpener. This sharpener features sharp stainless steel blades that provide smooth and accurate sharpening performance.

Besides, it will automatically stop after the sharpening job is done. The most effective feature of this sharpener is that the blades are removable. When those turns dull, you can change them simply. Therefore, it has a large bin that can keep a huge amount of shavings comfortably. Cleaning the bin is also simple.

Furthermore, it has a safety protection button included for the kids. So, there is no risk of any sudden harm. It can be used for both home and professional purposes. Don’t be scared as the price is acceptable.

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10. X-ACTO TeacherPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO TeacherPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener-min

The X-ACTO TeacherPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener is the last but not the least option in our best electric pencil sharpener review.

It is just as fantastic as the above products. Specially design for classrooms this sharpener. The construction of this sharpener is heavy-duty to withstand wear and tear.

Therefore, the motor provides much power yet offers very quiet operation. It has a flyaway cutter system included which is another special feature. With the flyway cutter system, the sharpener will stop instantly after the pencil is sharpened.

Besides, it also has an auto-reset feature included that will help prevent overheating. It is perfect for six pencil sizes. Your kids can use it without any fear of harm. The manufacturer doesn’t compromise with the quality a bit. Yet they offer it at a reasonable price range. So, pick, or the stock will turn out soon.

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You can now pick one of our best electric sharpeners for pencil. All of them are market leaders. Besides, the prices of those are vastly acceptable. One thing I can assure that those are sustainable in the long run. However, there are some tips we are willing to share with you. Let’s read more.

Consider to Buy The Best Electric Sharpeners for Pencil

As it is not regular pencil sharpeners, so, you have to consider a few things. Tons of electric pencil sharpeners are available in the market today. Each of them has individual characteristics and price range. So, you will find trouble buying the best electric pencil sharpener according to your need.

We somehow managed to make it easier with only 10 options. Now, left only a single question. Among those 10 which one will prove to be favorable for you? The answer you will get by yourself after looking at those tips I am willing to share right now.

However, you should consider durability, reliability, blade, motor, size, base, price, and other additional features while going purchasing an electric pencil sharpener. My concern is to let you know about those points today. Let’s start:


Let’s start with the pricing. The price of an electric sharpener starts below 10 dollars up to 200 dollars. However, we actually gathered the best electric sharpeners according to the budget of all class people. You will see some of the finest electric sharpener models within an inexpensive price range in our review section.

Power Source

Electric sharpeners categorized into two different types according to power sources. You can either pick a plug-in model or battery-operated model. Plug-in models run from the power of electricity. Where battery-powered models take power from a battery. The choice is yours. If you need portability to go for battery-powered. Otherwise, the electric plugin will do just fine.


The size of the electric pencil sharpeners depends on the shape of the pencil. A pencil has several sorts of shapes and sizes available. Among all those sizes and shapes 8 mm is the most common. You have to pick the sharpener according to the shape and size of the pencil you mostly use.


A good electric sharpener must have blades made of steel helical. The steel helical is durable and sturdy. You can also find some other materials which are durable. But it is wiser to go for a steel helical made blade.


The base must have rubber and silicon. It will keep the sharpeners stable from vibrating too much.


You can pick a reservoir that is transparent. It will let you see whether it is full or not. Otherwise, you can pick one that has a light indicator that will provide you a signal. However, the reservoir must be easy to open and clean.

Final Words:

The best electric pencil sharpeners will make pencil sharpening activity effective, time-consuming, and fun. However, we already talked about some essential buying tips. Besides, you already know about the best electric sharpener at this moment.

If you have any confusion and just sort of want to test it out. For the best deal, grab one from our list!

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